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About Vic:

About Vic:

Vic brings great expertise and experience to many, eclectic musical genres.
First venturing into the field in 1990, he was initially influenced by hip-house, acid house, and new-beat, in addition to the rap and hip-hop movements.

Coming from this varied background of styles encouraged him to experiment with analog synthesizers and drum machines in fact, anything that could produce sound.
This in turn led him into music production which is now his main focus and passion.

A major turning point for Vic was in 1996 when he found, and was captivated by Techno.
He became deeply involved in building his knowledge and expertise with electronic music.
This was also the year of his entry into performance in the club scene. Beginning in Germany,
he then performed in clubs in countries such as France, Belgium, Portugal, and Spain.

In addition, Vic has spun for festivals such as “MTV iDance”, “Nature One”, “e-lake”.
He has also spun for clubs in Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Luxembourg, Brussels, Madrid, Berlin, Algarve, and Tokyo. His professional experience is indeed vast.

Vic’s high standards of quality, along with developments in his vibrant career, led to many recordings.
He released his first 12” single on “Ekhoport”(Cisco Ferreira, “The Advent” label) in 2004.
This track is included in two compilation CDs and DVDs (V.A. – Palazzo Compilation Vol. 03 – Mixed by DJ Rush). Following this, he has worked with many well-known names such as Cristian Varela, A.PAUL, Nari & Milani, High Spies, Danny Casseau and Luis Leite.
Other tracks of Vic’s have been released on labels such as Pornographic Recordings, BlackPitchMusic, DonkeyHead, and Naked Lunch.

Currently, Vic divides his talents between two separate musical personas and other projects
as Vic Miranda in a Techno project

and as Victor Miranda for a more Housy Sound.

Love Echo a dream pop and chillwave DUO Band with Vicki Glass

Aim Far a Cloud Trap Duo Band with  Sara
and Falling Sky his new Chill Trap project.

In 2007 Vic created the label stereOOxid to introduce Techno artists
and in 2008 he created shOO to showcase House artists.

As can be seen, Vic brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to his career.
He is concerned both with maintaining the highest standards in his various genres, and also remaining actively involved in developing new ideas that push these genres to maximum levels of creativity.

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